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We're a team of book lovers using our own technology platform to design and create the highest quality, best-looking ebooks for every possible marketplace and device.

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Beautiful design to match beautiful images.

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Because all ebooks deserve the best treatment.

Video-enhanced Ebooks

Seamless integration of video and text.

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Coffee-table, children’s, and photography books.


We make instructional ebooks easy and user-friendly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Vook? Select a topic below to learn more:

Working with Vook FAQs

What services do you offer?
Vook offers everything you need to succeed in publishing: ebook creation, ebook distribution, print on demand, cover design, copy editing, book scanning, proofreading, and marketing/PR. Learn more about all services.
How can I get started?
Sign up and let us know what services you’re interested in. Signing up on Vook.com puts you directly in touch with our sales team.
Why do you need to see my manuscript before providing a price for ebook creation?
We treat every ebook project with special care and attention. Since we don’t take the "one size fits all" approach to ebook creation, we need to gauge the manuscript’s length, layout, formatting, and inclusion of any media before providing an accurate price.

Submitting your manuscript is for quoting purposes only. You will not be charged for this review, you’ll still retain all rights, and we will not share your manuscript with anyone.
Will I be able to talk to a real person if I want?
Absolutely. We’re headquartered in NYC and are always a phone call or email away!
What if my company wants to publish several ebooks?
If your company is interested in an enterprise or publisher arrangement with Vook, please email our VP of Business Development at matt@vook.com.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, and checks drawn on U.S. Bank accounts. Have a question about forms of payment? Contact accounting@vook.com.

Ebook Creation FAQs

What do I get when Vook makes my ebook?
You will get the final ebook files in the epub and mobi formats required to sell on Amazon, iBookstore, BarnesandNoble.com, and more.
What kind of files can I submit?
For text files (your manuscript), we accept .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .indd, .idml, or PDF formats. For images, we accept .jpg or .png formats. Video and audio files must conform to these specifications. If the only source of your manuscript is a print book, we offer book scanning services to digitize your work.

Please note that the manuscript your submit to Vook's production team must be the final, proofread version. We cannot accommodate several text changes during the revisions process.
What happens after I sign the contract for ebook creation?
We’ll set you up with a personalized author dashboard that lets you manage your content, track the status of your ebook, and request revisions. Your Production Coordinator will email you to get started.
How long does it take to make my ebook?
Approximately 10 business days.
Do I get to see my ebook before it’s completed?
Yes, during the production process you get 2 free previews and 2 optional free rounds of minor revisions.
What if I want to make changes to my ebook after it has been completed?
Each additional change after final files are completed will incur a production fee determined by the production coordinator based on the scope of the work.
Do I still retain all rights to my title?
Yep! It’s all yours. We’re just here to make digital publishing easy.
When am I invoiced for ebook creation?
After you have approved the completed ebook. If the production team has turned over your ebook files for review but has not heard from you in two weeks, Vook has the option of automatically approving the ebook service.

Ebook Distribution & Sales FAQs

Where will you sell my ebook?
We can put your ebook up for sale on Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Samsung, Sony, Google Play, Baker & Taylor, and/or Vook’s store. The channels are determined by your contract with Vook.
Who sets the retail price of my ebook?
That would be you! You get to decide how much your ebook costs across all channels.

You may notice that certain retailers – particularly Amazon – have discounted your ebook. They do this to stay competitive with each other, but because you're distributing through Vook, they will always pay you royalties based on your list price.
Where can I sell video-enhanced ebooks?
Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Samsung, Google Play, Baker & Taylor, and Vook’s store all accept video-enhanced content through Vook.
Will my ebook be available in other countries?
Yes. If you indicate that you have international rights to your ebook, we can sell your ebook worldwide. See all territories.
What is the royalty split when I distribute to the e-retailers through Vook?
The retailers' royalty rates can be found on our distribution chart. Vook takes a percentage of the revenue as agreed upon in your Statement of Work.
What are the details (metadata) that I need to provide for my ebook and what do they mean?
We provide a form with the required info and explanations for each item. Please read the instructions carefully.
How long does it take the ebook to go live on the retail channels?
Each retailer has its own quality assurance process that determines the time it takes to ingest your ebook file. Generally, Amazon takes 2-3 business days; Apple takes 1-2 business days; Barnes & Noble takes 10-15 business days for standard titles and 15-20 business days for enhanced titles; Kobo takes 3-5 business days; Sony takes 3-5 business days; Samsung takes 3-5 business days; Google takes 3-5 business days; Baker & Taylor takes 5-10 business days; Vook’s store takes 1 business day.
What if I want to change the price of my ebook or run a price promotion?
For permanent price changes, email allison@vook.com with the title name, new price, and ISBN. Please note that permanent price changes can take 4 weeks to go into effect.

For temporary price promotions, email allison@vook.com 3 weeks in advance of the desired start date. Please include your book's title, ISBN, regular price, promotional price, and promotional dates. We cannot guarantee exact midnight-to-midnight price changes for certain channels.
What if I want to make changes to my metadata (other than the price) after my ebook has been distributed through Vook?
You are allowed 3 metadata changes per year. Metadata changes can take up to 4 weeks to go into effect. Each additional metadata change (excluding price changes/promotions) over the allotted number costs $50 per round. Email allison@vook.com with the title, ISBN, and requested changes.
When do I get paid my royalties from all retail channels?
We’ll send your royalty check 60 days after the end of each fiscal quarter. Please note that there is a quarterly $5 check processing fee for US accounts ($30 for foreign accounts), applied to each author or publisher.
I already have my ebook files. Do you offer just distribution?
Yes, we can distribute epub and mobi files created outside of the Vookmaker service. The files must pass the latest version of epubcheck and successfully generate via KindleGen. They also must adhere to all retailer specifications for content (text and multimedia) and internal organization (requirements for Table of Contents, start and end pages, and so on).

If the files do not pass validate, Vook can cancel the agreement or provide a quote for fixing the errors.
Can I cancel distribution through Vook?
Yes, you can cancel your distribution agreement anytime. Just email accounting@vook.com with your name and title.

Print on Demand FAQs

What is print on demand?
Our print on demand (or POD) service will produce a bookstore-worthy hardcopy of your book when it’s requested (i.e. when you or a customer orders a copy). With print on demand, your book is not printed until after it’s purchased, which limits any upfront charges to you. Your profit: the price at which the book sells minus the cost of printing.
What do I need to get started with POD?
  1. A print-ready PDF. This is what your book will look like, page for page. It must meet our print PDF requirements.
  2. A print-ready cover. This includes the back cover and spine designs.
  3. The print ISBN. This is how the printer looks up your title when copies are requested.
  4. A distribution plan. Decide if you'd like to distribute your print book internationally, order a print run for yourself, or both!
Note: we're happy to help with all of the above. Just ask!
Can you make the print-ready PDF and cover for me?
Yes, we can make a print ready PDF from a Word, PDF, InDesign, or epub file. The price is based on the book's length, layout, formatting, and inclusion of media.

We can also create a print-ready cover for you. If you already have a front cover and just need help with the back and spine, print cover design costs $199. If you do not have a front cover designed, cover design costs $299.
Where can you sell my print books?
We offer you global access to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, NACSCORP, Espresso Book Machine, and Ingram's network of 30,000+ retailers. If your print book is sold on any of the online retailers, we'll be sure to link it to your ebook.
Can you provide an ISBN and barcode?
Absolutely. The ISBN alone can save you up to $125. We'll also make sure they're included on the cover of your book, whether designed by you or by Vook.
If I distribute through Vook, do you take a portion of my royalties?
Nope! Your profit is always the book's wholesale price minus the unit cost of printing. (Please note that there is an annual $15 fee per title to access these thousands of retailers worldwide.)
Can I order print runs for myself?
Yes, from 1 to 10,000 copies or more, we can print your books within a business day after you place the order and ship direct to you.
What costs are involved in POD?
There is a one-time setup fee of $100. If you'd like Vook to distribute your print book, there is an annual $15 access fee. If you order a print run, you have to pay the cost of printing plus shipping.

If you would like Vook to produce the print-ready PDF and/or cover for you, there will be an additional production fee to be determined by Vook.
Are you competitive with other print-service providers?
We are. In addition to the extensive distribution listed above, Vook offers a wide range of trim sizes, cover types, and color levels. More importantly, our unit cost for printing is a bargain. Finally, you always get Vook's friendly, one-on-one support.

Cover Design FAQs

Does my ebook need a cover?
Yes, covers are required to sell in all marketplaces. Because of this, we’ll happily provide you with a free templated cover – your book’s title on a colored background.
Do you offer professional cover design?
Of course! We offer two tiers of cover design: Standard ($199) and Deluxe ($299).
What is included in Standard cover design?
  • Original treatment from one of our designers
  • Layout may be sourced from a template
  • 1 revision allowed
  • 1 graphic element (photograph, graphic image, or visual treatment of text) to be provided by Vook
What is included in Deluxe cover design?
  • Completely custom and original premium treatment from one of our designers
  • 3 revisions allowed
  • 3 graphic elements (photographs, graphic images, or visual treatments of text) provided by Vook
  • Multiple options presented early on
In general, Deluxe covers feature greater custom work. We develop a concept and work with you to refine it until you’re happy with the look and feel.
What file do I receive?
You’ll receive a .jpg that meets the e-retailers’ cover specifications.
When am I invoiced for cover design?
Upon completion and approval of your cover. If you have received a cover preview but do not approve or reject it after two weeks, Vook has the option of automatically approving the project.

Copy Editing FAQs

What is copy editing?
Copy editing ranges in scope. It can correct for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes; ensure consistency across terminology and names; edit for sense and logic; improve word choice; and even fact check. It’s the last step before turning a manuscript into an ebook.
What copy editing services do you offer?
We offer two tiers of copy editing: Standard ($6/page) and Stylistic ($11/page). One page is defined as 250 words.
What does Standard copy editing include?
  • Complete read of manuscript and art
  • Proofread for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization
  • Ensure consistency of terminology, numbers, abbreviations, quote styling, and names
  • Crosscheck Table of Contents and Bibliographies against text if applicable
  • Check for any issues regarding permission and query the author if need be
What does Stylistic copy editing include?
  • All features of the Standard copy edit plus:
  • Edit for language, sense, and logic, making rewrite suggestions
    • Improve word choice, transitions, and fluency
    • Eliminate wordiness, triteness, confusing statements, mixed metaphors, and vague generalizations
    • Mark or revise material that is sexist, prejudiced, obscene, dated, or slanderous
  • Query the author with text suggestions and improvements
  • If applicable, ensure science, technical, medical, and math editorial and type-marking conventions are followed, per client guidelines
  • Fact check proper names, works of art, films, TV programs, music pieces, etc.
  • Create a Table of Contents if requested
What file do I have to provide the editor?
An editable MS Word document.
What file will I receive?
You will receive an annotated MS Word document with tracked changes and a clean MS Word document.
When am I invoiced?
Upon completion of the service. If you have not approved or rejected the edited manuscript within two weeks after receipt, Vook has the option of automatically approving the service.
Will Vook correct spelling and grammatical mistakes as you make my ebook?
Our team cannot correct for spelling, grammar, and punctuation while building the ebook. If you want to correct any errors after your ebook is complete, please contact your production coordinator.

Book Scanning FAQs

How can I make a print book into an ebook?
Vook can scan your original book (or an image PDF) and provide you with an editable MS Word document that can be turned into an ebook. Our rigorous quality-assurance process guarantees 99.99% text accuracy between the scan and the source document (e.g. up to 1 error per every 10,000 characters). Unless otherwise noted, scanning is “destructive,” meaning the original book or document will not be returned.
Do you offer additional quality assurance?
Yes, we can proofread the final ebook file for errors introduced during the conversion process. This guarantees a 99.995% accurate character match between the original manuscript and the final ebook file. Proofreading costs $1.50/page where one page is 250 words.
What is the difference between copy editing and proofreading?
The manuscript (your source document) is copy edited before going into production. Proofreading takes place once we’ve created the ebook and want to compare it line-by-line to the source document.

Marketing FAQs

What marketing and PR services do you offer?
Vook and our partners offer a range of marketing services, including email marketing tools, author websites, ebook giveaways, publicity, and more. View the complete menu of services.
How can I give away free copies of my ebooks?
There are a few options:
  1. You can send recipients the actual epub and mobi files that you receive at the end of the production process with instructions for download.
  2. We can provide up to 50 free promo codes for your title on store.vook.com. Subsequent codes cost 10% of the list price each. We also offer up to 50 free iBookstore promo codes.
  3. We can provide a free giveaway system that makes giving away your ebook easier than ever. Email allison@vook.com for more info.
What are WeJITS?
WeJITs are embedded links in an ebook that direct readers to an online discussion forum where they can engage with each other and the author. When properly integrated into an ebook, WeJITs are a powerful community-building tool.