Content Specifications

More About Docs, Graphics, Multimedia Files, & Metadata


Please prepare your final manuscript as a Word, PDF, RTF, or InDesign document.
We do not proofread your manuscript or correct spelling and grammatical errors during the regular course of production. However, we do offer Copy Editing services which you can request.

Cover Images

  • To future-proof your content for devices with HD/retina screens, we recommend your cover be around 1600 x 2400 pixels.
  • You can also book a free consultation to learn more about Vook’s custom cover design.


  • Images can be no larger than 3,200,000 total pixels (length times width) due to Apple iBookstore content specifications.
  • Images should be as hi-res and hi-quality as possible.
  • JPG or PNG images are preferred.

Multimedia Files

Embedded multimedia files need to be encoded to ebook specifications in order to play on all devices. We request that video and audio content be delivered according to the specifications below. If the specifications are not met, we will convert your multimedia files to spec. This may increase turnaround times slightly.

  • MP4 file extension
  • Resize them before uploading
  • H.264 compression
  • Baseline format profile
  • Frame size of 640 x 360 pixels or 480 x 270 pixels for a 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Frame size of 640 x 480 pixels or 480 x 360 pixels for a 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Audio encoded at 256-320 kbps in AAC (320 kbps recommended)
  • One black frame at the beginning and end
  • File size less than 70 MB
  • PNG poster image in the same dimensions as the video
  • MP3 file extension
  • AAC compression
  • H.264 compression
  • 256-320 kbps bit rate (320 kbps recommended)
  • 8 – 48 kHz sampling rate
  • Stereo (not mono) sound

Please keep in mind that the maximum ebook file size across all retail channels is 600 MB. To keep within that and provide a good customer experience, we usually recommend around 200 MB of multimedia for enhanced titles.

The Legal Stuff

Please note that you must have permission or the rights to publish all content (text, images, and media) in your ebook. This includes free clip art and royalty-free images.

Additionally, due to rights restrictions, we may be unable to reuse the fonts provided in your manuscript. Our practice is to choose the closest possible match from our library. If you have further questions about font use, our team would be happy to address them.

Metadata Glossary

Classify your readership to help categorize your title in the various marketplaces. Trade (TRA) is the most general category but the more specific, the better.
BISAC Subject
BISAC is a system of letter and number codes that further describe the subject of the eBook. When properly selected, a BISAC helps ensure customers can quickly find your title.
Add a copyright to your eBook metadata to protect your intellectual property. If you'd like to add a copyright chapter to your eBook, we’ll need to add a new section and enter the content.
Select countries for selling your eBook. Please remember, you must have rights to publish all of the content contained in your eBook for each country in which you choose to sell it.

If you have your own ISBN, send it over! Please note that this should not be the ISBN from the print version.

Don't have an ISBN? You have options:
  • Distribute through Vook and we’ll provide an ISBN for your eBook
  • Distribute yourself. An ISBN is required by iBookstore, but we can create distribution-ready files for Amazon and Barnes & Noble with a randomly created Universally Unique ID in place of an ISBN
  • You can purchase an ISBN from Bowker
Tag your eBook with keywords to increase search visibility and drive traffic to your eBook in the marketplaces. Retailers allow up to 100 characters.
Marketing description
In a paragraph or two, describe your eBook in an engaging way to grab readers. Customers will see this description when they search for your eBook in the eBook stores.
Part Of A Series
If it is, let us know! Adding information about the series and where this book fits within the series can help increase discoverability.
You get to set the price of your eBook for each country.
Print ISBN
If there is a print version of your eBook, pair your eBook with the print version’s ISBN to make it easier to find.
Print Length
This gives prospective readers a sense of your eBook’s length. Use the number of pages in the hardcover print version. If your eBook did not have a print version, use an estimate.