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  • Date added: 04/27/2011 TextVook Animated Apps and eBooks Help Readers “Get Smart, Quickly”

    Recently featured in the Apple iBookstore, TextVooks combine animation with short-form content written by Ivy League graduates

    PR NEWSWIRE — NEW YORK April 26, 2024 — Leading enhanced digital publisher Vook announced the launch of TextVook, which are animated apps and eBooks that deliver short-form content on a range of topics including history, science, psychology, law, economics and music. TextVooks can be enjoyed by anyone wanting to learn on the go and on their devices, and for teachers seeking new ways to light up their lesson plans.

    “TextVooks make learning fun and accessible — and all of this in under 30 minutes,” said Brad Inman, founder of Vook. “This enhanced format delivers brain food on the go in a way that has resonated with our readers.”

    The TextVook catalog consists of more than 20 interactive apps featuring 8 information-packed animations, as well as more than 50 standard eBooks. Each TextVook contains 4,000 words written and curated by Ivy League graduates, and stars Dr. Vook, Ph.D., a smart professor who narrates the animations.

    “Brush up on the Civil War during your lunch break, learn the fundamentals of psychology while waiting for a flight at the airport, or get a crash course in the history of the Middle East over coffee,” Inman said. “TextVooks are designed for the curious-minded who seek curated and accessible content.”

    The animations featured in the TextVooks can be used by high school teachers to engage with their students, or enhance their lesson plans, and by anyone seeking to spice up a boring commute. With TextVook, readers can survey college-level subjects at a fraction of the price of college tuition, and master key themes quickly and efficiently.

    TextVooks are sold for the iPad and iPhone through Apple’s iTunes App Store and iBookstore, Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. TextVooks may also be purchased in bulk by educational institutions through the Apple iTunes App Store Volume Purchase Program, and by more than 13,000 libraries through OverDrive. More than 200 additional TextVooks will be published in the coming months. To download a TextVook, search “TextVook” on your favorite device, or contact Vook for review copies.



    About TextVook
    TextVooks are new, innovative, animated apps and eBooks that feature short-form content on academic topics that allow readers to get smart, quickly. More than a dozen apps are animated, starring the character behind TextVook: Dr. Vook, Ph.D.

    About Vook
    Vook is the leading enhanced digital publisher that lights up the world's content and connects people around stories and ideas they love. Vook publishes apps and eBooks for a variety of platforms.


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