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    The Sherlock Holmes Experience


    The Sherlock Holmes Experience vook is a revolutionary new way to read about the exploits of Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary creation: Sherlock Holmes. The... More

    From Cape Town with Love

    In this Vook, Blair Underwood has produced 6 action packed, sizzling videos that blend with the text to tell the next chapter in the story of... More

    The Master of Rampling Gate

    A Short Story by Anne Rice Vook presents a powerful story by the undisputed Queen of Vampire Literature, Anne Rice. The Master of Rampling Gate is a... More


    Embassy , by bestselling author Richard Doetsch, is a surprising and utterly original thriller that blends a dash of fantasy with page-turning suspense —... More

    Dracula's Guest

    Could this little known story by Bram Stoker be the original first chapter to his classic Dracula? This vook brings you the story of Dracula's Guest and... More

    Shakespeare's Sonnets in the City

    This vook features ten of Shakespeare’s timeless sonnets enhanced with passionate, funny, and deeply moving videos, where everyday people riff on the... More

    Shakespeare Made Easy

    Shakespeare Made Easy is a fantastic compilation of William Shakespeare's most famous plays shortened into easy to read stories. Included in this compilation... More

    Bernhard Schlink on Writing The Weekend

    Bernhard Schlink is the bestselling author of "The Reader." His new book, "The Weekend," tells the story of a group of people involved in the political... More

    Kafka's Greatest Stories

    This Vook version of Kafka's Greatest Stories combines great videos on the history and background of Kafka's life with the text of some his most well known... More

    Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves

    "Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves" takes place in Baghdad during the Abbasid era. This story was originally a from "1001 Arabian Nights" and is about a poor... More