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  • Date added: 02/11/2011 Digital Publisher Vook THANKS its Customers

    Drops App Store prices to 99 cents for limited time

    NEW YORK, Feb. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/

    Digital publisher Vook announced today a special, limited-time-only promotion to say THANKS to the customers it LOVES. Beginning Saturday, Feb. 12 until Monday, Feb. 14 more than one hundred Vook titles in the iTunes App Store will be available to download for only 99 cents, a significant savings on these premium apps.

    "This is a 'Thank You' to our loyal readers for helping Vook grow into the largest digital publisher of enhanced titles in the iTunes App Store," said Brad Inman, chief executive officer of Vook.

    "We want to provide our fans an opportunity to discover our newest Vooks on the iPad and iPhone," Inman said.

    Vook combines amazing video footage with inspirational and informative stories to create an incredible reading experience for the iPad, iPhone and other platforms.

    "From the number of Vooks we've sold, to positive e-mails received from customers, and social recommendations of our titles, we know our readers love their Vooks," Inman said.

    Vook has published titles in a variety of categories from some of the most accomplished authors in the world. To view the catalog of titles, search for "Vook" in the iTunes App Store. Some of Vook's bestsellers include:

    • "Gary Vaynerchuk's Crush It!", where the digital media entrepreneur teaches business success
    • "Being the Boss", an excellent guide for business managers, from the Harvard Business Review
    • "Shakespeare's Sonnets in the City", a modern take on Shakespeare's sonnets
    • "The 90 Second Fitness Solution", an interactive approach to fitness by noted fitness expert, Pete Cerqua
    • "10 Greatest Card Tricks of All Time", named as a finalist for Digital Book World's Publishing Innovation Award
    • "Photo Editing Essentials: The Video Guide", a helpful "How-To" Vook

    To learn more about why Vook LOVES its loyal readers, visit THANKS.VOOK.COM.



    About Vook

    Vook is the leading digital publisher that lights up the world's content and connects people around stories and ideas they love. Based in Alameda, California and New York, Vook works with authors including Seth Godin, Deepak Chopra, Anne Rice, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Slash of Guns N' Roses, and partners with premiere publishing companies. To publish a Vook, visit publish.vook.com.