Alan Steven Kessler

On the outside, Steve Goldblatt is an example of the American dream--a man who has achieved wealth and power. But his worship of gold masks the emptiness of his soul. He has survived a tormented and brutalized childhood by descending into madness. As the story unfolds, the careful wall he has constructed between his outwardly normal life and bizarre inner landscape, between sanity and derangement, begins to disintegrate with unforeseen and tragic consequences.

Shadowlands is a visceral portrayal of the effects of abuse; it is a “…thoughtfully drawn portrait of a disturbing character" [Kirkus' Review]. Love, death, reason, and folly collide, challenging the reader’s own perception of events; how we cope with hardship; how we judge evil.

This is a psychological thriller “…a psychological saga as absorbing as quicksand” [Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review].

Praise for Shadowlands:

"Steve's altered perceptions and twisted sense of reality slowly become the reader's own perceptions of events in a tangled psychological saga which is as absorbing as quicksand. Readers interested in psychological suspense and protagonist motivations will find Shadowlands a fast-paced, riveting read right up to its unexpected, involving conclusion." —D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"Kessler’s textured prose and intense imagery perfectly frame this disquieting psychological thriller...A complex, multilayered book that will satisfy anyone with a taste for dark, complicated stories." —Kirkus' Review

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