Many issues can be solved immediately by following these troubleshooting tips. If you are still encountering issues, please fill out the form below so our support team can reach out and diagnose the problem.

Web Reader Troubleshooting

Choose a modern web browser

Vook's Web Reader allows you to read your ebook online in any modern web browser. However, we recommend Google Chrome for the best reading experience.
You can download Chrome here:

Update your browser

The reader requires that you use a recent version of your browser.

Google Chrome (Mac / Windows): Use the latest version.
Chrome updates automatically. If you've encountered an error during an update, please visit Chrome's support page:

Safari OS X (Mac): Use the latest version.
To check for Safari updates, go to the main Apple menu and select "Software Update."
See how here:

Safari iOS (iPad / iPhone): Use the latest version.
On your iPad / iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Update to check for updates.
See how here:

Firefox (Mac / Windows): Use the latest version.
Firefox automatically updates by default, but if you have declined automatic updates, you can check for newer versions here:

Internet Explorer (Windows): Use one of the two latest versions.
Download the most recent version of IE here:

Android Browser: Use Android 2.3 and up.
The Android browser can only be updated if the device/carrier offers an update to the operating system.
Get Flash here:

Install Flash

If you're using Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, you will need to have the most recent version of Flash installed in order to view the videos in enhanced ebooks.

Get or update Flash here:

Switch to a faster network connection

The ebooks published on our store are media-rich and may take some time to load over a slow Internet connection.

If videos freeze or take too long to load over a cellular broadband network on a mobile device, switch to wifi for better results. If you're connecting over wifi, try switching to a faster wifi network or a local-area network for better results.

Restart your browser, reset your browser's cache

It may be possible to resolve lingering technical issues by restarting your web browser, or by resetting your browser's cache. Here's how to reset your cache on our supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome:;=95582
  • Safari (OS X):
  • Safari (iOS):
  • Firefox:
  • Internet Explorer:
  • Android browser:

Help With Downloaded eBooks

Downloaded eBooks can be read on any compatible eReader. We recommend you download eBooks directly onto your eReader. Use the information below if you need help transfering downloaded eBooks from your computer to your eReader.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR VIDEO ENHANCED CONTENT: Currently, the Kindle App for iPad/iPhone does not support sideloaded video content. If you want to enjoy a video enhanced eBook on your device, please download the ePub file for the title and access it through the iBooks or Nook iOS application.

iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

  1. Connect the device and open iTunes
  2. Locate the device in the left column in iTunes
  3. Click on "Books" in the list below the device name
  4. Uncheck "Sync Books"
  5. Drag and drop the eBook (ePub file) onto the device in iTunes
  6. The device syncs automatically


  1. Connect the Nook to the computer and access it in Finder (Mac) or Windows Explorer (PC)
  2. Locate the folder: My Nook/My Files/Books/
  3. Drag and drop the eBook (ePub file) to the folder: My Nook/My Files/Books/
  4. Search the Nook Library for the eBook's title


  1. Connect the Kindle to the computer
  2. The Kindle will load as a storage device called "kindle" on the Desktop (Mac) or My Computer (PC)
  3. Open the folder called "documents" located inside the "kindle" storage device
  4. Drag and drop the Mobi file to the "documents" folder on your Kindle
  5. The eBook will appear on the Kindle's home screen along with your other eBooks

Contact Support

If the above troubleshooting tips do not work for you or if you have a different problem, please complete the form below and our support team will quickly reach out. The more info you can provide, the faster we'll be able to diagnose and fix your problem.