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Help us rebuild publishing from the ground up – this time, putting authors first.

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What we care about

We love books, and we love authors. We believe authors deserve better from their publishers. To rethink what a technology-driven publisher can offer, we’ve brought together a team of leaders from traditional publishing and the technology industry, alongside engineers, data scientists, and creative people who care about the written word. We all work side by side in a collaborative, energetic, and creative environment. The result: a better team, better ideas, and a better world for authors.


Everything we do is built on delighting authors. All of us listen to what authors need with great care, and work daily to earn their trust and help them reach more readers.


Authors want to focus on writing the best books they can, not on figuring out the elaborate quirks of the publishing industry. Our products cut through the complexity, then get out of the way.


We trust each other and share as much information as possible, so everyone is empowered to do the right thing — for authors, for the company, and for each other.


We’re not about hierarchy. We’re about doing the best work. No egos or politics; we always raise the bar and help each other get even better.

Who we are

Our products reflect our culture. We make it easy for anyone, from a bestseller to a first-time author, to publish their books and make them stand out. In the same way, our company is structured so that the best ideas win no matter what their source, and so that anyone, no matter their role or level of experience, can make a good idea happen.

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Author Happiness

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Why work here?

We love our people. We know that we can only create something great if each of us really cares about changing the world of books, and feels happy and fulfilled at work.

A passion for books

We pay for all the books you could want

Personally connect with authors at all stages of their careers

We love to read, and talk about great books and films

A great work environment

Flexible hours & work arrangements

The best equipment and tools to help you do things right

Stumptown coffee, Strand tea, and a full fridge with drinks and snacks

Customizable workspaces

We all have fun together

Solid benefits

Very competitive salaries

No limits on vacation time

Full health coverage and all the other benefits you’ve come to expect from a funded startup ;)

We invest in you: we’ll pay for your classes and additional learning

  • Allison Horton


    What's it like to work here?

    All of us have complete autonomy to lead our own projects, and it’s good to feel that level of ownership. But I also love that we regularly meet as a team to present our work.

    Getting input from colleagues in other fields makes for better products, and the best ideas and insights often come from unexpected people.

    How do you feel about where Pronoun is heading?

    The publishing industry is changing before our eyes. At Pronoun, we're in the position to shape its future and make it better for authors.

    What I love about working here is that, every day, I feel the opportunity to leave a positive impact on an industry I love.

  • Jason Joseph


    What's it like to work here?

    Challenging, rewarding and fun. Making authors’ lives better means solving a lot of problems that don't have clear answers, and figuring them out with the whole team has been amazing. More than anything, it’s awesome to work on a team with a great sense of humor. Work can get stressful, but having a team that knows how to have a great time while wading through the trenches makes the journey really fun.

    What project are you most proud of?

    Building our massive system of collecting data about books has been the most fun I have ever had as a programmer. At times it has been frustrating and confusing because we have never worked on a problem of this scale before. At the same time, that’s what has made it so awesome.

  • Elissa Bernstein

    Author Happiness

    What's it like to work here?

    It’s a blend of creative collaboration and personal initiative. I feel an obligation to learn, even when it’s humbling, and to do the right thing, even when it’s hard. That kind of pressure would be a lot if Pronoun weren’t such a warm, supportive place to work. I love my team.

    I also love my work. As a writer myself, there’s something so fulfilling about changing publishing for the better. I’m excited to come into work every day and make authors happy!

    How did you know Pronoun was the right fit?

    I turned 23 a week after I was hired. Nobody knew me well, and I didn’t expect anyone to remember. But when I walked in, there was a gorgeous orchid on my desk, because I’d mentioned in my first interview that The Orchid Thief was one of my favorite books. It was just so thoughtful. Plus, I love how we treat authors the way we’d like to be treated, that there’s always dark chocolate and loose leaf tea, and that people always welcome and respect my opinions.

  • Jeffrey Yozwiak


    What's it like to work here?

    Challenging. The problems I'm working through have never been solved! After this, I’d never want to work at company where I ‘dial it in’.

    I love learning, and Pronoun gives me the opportunity to do so every day. It comes down to the team for me. We joke, we see movies, we nerd out about books — all while building kick-ass products for authors.

    What's your favorite Pronoun story?

    When I first moved to NYC, Matt wrote me a long email filled with apartment hunting tips and documents to prepare. And it worked: I got the perfect apartment. Three years later, when I moved from that apartment to Chelsea, Josh was the one who came over on a Sunday evening to help me move.

    It's good to know my team has my back.

Job openings

Engineering - New York

Senior Frontend Developer

Pronoun engineering is building modern software that’s changing the publishing industry and giving authors far more control and insight into their books. Today, we power the book publishing programs of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Fast Company, and publish work by Jodi Picoult, Nick Hornby, Jon Krakauer, Chuck Palahniuk, Ann Patchett, and thousands of others. And we're just getting started.

You’ll be on the forefront of building beautiful web applications that connect with our data, helping authors understand how their books fit into the digital world and giving our team analytic and visualization tools that help us find and acquire the most interesting titles.

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