Frequently Asked Questions

About Vook

What is Vook?
We’re a new kind of publisher that uses technology and data to empower authors. We let you publish faster, market smarter, retain all rights to your work, and keep more of your profits.
Who can work with Vook?
Vook is for new authors, authors who are currently self-published, and traditionally published authors looking for a fairer way to publish. We open publishing to everyone.
How can I get started?
Depending on where you are in the publishing process, there are three different ways to get started with Vook. Visit to learn more.

Publishing with Vook

What does it mean to publish with Vook?
With 5,000 titles, 50+ publishing partners, and extensive data on 4 million books, we’ve learned how to succeed in epublishing. Now we’re putting our technology and data to work with a special publishing program for a select number of books while we roll out our platform.
What does Vook do?
As a publisher, we handle everything – from creating your ebook to distributing it globally (more details on this below) to helping you market it using our extensive data and analytic capabilities. In other words, you handle the writing, and we’ll take care of everything else.
How is Vook different than traditional publishers?
You’ll get published faster and keep complete ownership and control of your rights. At Vook, you receive 85% of your net royalties. We believe in complete transparency – we show your sales across all retailers every day, and you’ll always know our splits with every distributor. Sounds like what publishing should be, right? We think so too.
Does it cost anything to publish with Vook?
No! There are no out-of-pocket costs and no hidden fees. We only take 15% of your net royalties.
Do I retain all rights to my books?
Yes, of course. You keep complete ownership and control of your rights.
Who determines the price of my ebook?
We talk about it together and use our pricing algorithms to set the right price, at the right time.
Where will my book be sold?
We’ll put your ebook up for sale on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and Blio (Baker & Taylor) across 192 territories. View all territories.
What percent do the retailers take?
The retailers' royalty rates can be found on our distribution chart. Vook takes 15% percent of the revenue after the retailers have taken these cuts unless stated otherwise in your contract with Vook.
When and how do you pay my royalties?
We pay royalties via PayPal 60 days after the end of each financial quarter. Please note that there is a standard payment processing fee of 3% per payment with a maximum of $2 for U.S. bank accounts (or a maximum of $21 for international bank accounts) applied to each author or publisher. To contact the Accounting Department, email