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With years of experience, superior technology, and an inside knowledge of the publishing industry, Vook can help you target new readers, awaken your audience, and drive book sales by providing powerful marketing tools. Sign up below or email to jumpstart your book sales!

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Marketing Consultation

If you don’t know where to start or need help identifying what strategies are right for your book, invest in a solid foundation with a Marketing Consultation: two hours of phone consultation with ongoing email support by member of the Vook marketing team.

We’ll look at your platform, your goals, and your audience to identify and prioritize key marketing activities for you to execute. Topics covered can include:
  • Building a robust, discoverable online platform
  • Metadata guidance and best practices
  • Pricing and price promotion advice
  • Social media how-to
  • Sending newsletters and building subscribers
  • Reaching out to bloggers and reviewers

...and more. This is your time to tell us what you want and ask questions. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to book marketing!


Marketing Consultation, with Editorial

In addition to holding the full Marketing Consultation, Vook will prepare the essential editorial materials:
  • Engaging book description
  • Attention-grabbing press release
  • Pitch email to press
  • Sample newsletter to subscribers
  • Three sample tweets and Facebook posts about your book
  • Additional metadata support (keywords, BISACs, and more)


Marketing Consultation, with Merchandising

If you work with Vook under an Enterprise agreement, your ongoing Marketing Consultation includes added merchandising support, to be executed by Vook.

  • We will reach out to the retailers highlighting your title and pitching it for merchandising support, including storefront placement, social media call-outs, inclusion in newsletters, increased visibility in recommendation engines, and more.
  • We will also review all metadata and make suggestions/edits to ensure it’s fully optimized.

Enterprise agreement required

Free Ebook Giveaway System

Vook can build a custom-designed delivery platform that makes giving away your ebook to supporters, fans, and reviewers easy. No need to include a lengthy set of instructions or distribute multiple promo codes! We’ll create an intuitive network of pages designed to your guidelines, host your ebook files, provide reports, and advise on giveaway best practices.

Please contact us.

Free Ebook Giveaway System, with Email Capture

Use free ebooks to capture email addresses. Vook can build a custom email-capture page that requires users to provide you with information before receiving their free copies via our delivery system. (Check out our solution for the Wall Street Journal.)

Please contact us.

Email Marketing Tools

One of the best ways to build an engaged audience is with email marketing. To help you retain readers and turn them into repeat customers, we offer email-capture functionality integrated into your ebook.

Ebook Marketing Insert

Capture email addresses – or direct traffic to a page of your choice – with an eye-catching marketing insert placed inside your ebook. Designed to engage and convert readers, the marketing insert includes a custom-branded image to accompany compelling signup link. Your insert includes:
  • Original design treatment
  • 1 graphic element (photograph, graphic image, or visual treatment of text)
  • 1 preview/revision
  • Copy advice from Vook Marketing

$249 in a Vook-created ebook
$299 in a non-Vook ebook

Ebook Marketing Insert with Email Capture Webpage

We’ll take it one step further and build a custom email-capture webpage that conforms to lead-generation best practices. Features can include:
  • Sign up forms with your requested fields
  • Marketing copy provided by Vook
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Author biography, book reviews, comments, business testimonials, etc
  • Book cover and/or author headshot
  • 1 preview/revision

We can integrate your email-capture page with your email marketing service provider (e.g. MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc) or sign you up with a free account to get started.

$99/year maintenance after first year

All-In-One Digital Marketing Solution

Get the turnkey digital-marketing platform with our three most popular services and save $300 when you buy all three:
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Free Ebook Giveaway System
  • Ebook Marketing Insert with Email Capture Webpage

$1999 $1699
$99/year maintenance after first year

Author Websites

A professional, impactful author website is an essential marketing tool for first-time and seasoned authors. With custom websites, you can:
  • Actively inspire people to buy your books, no longer relying solely on book reviews
  • Drive traffic to one central location in your marketing efforts
  • Build a community through engaging content, comments, and newsletters

Our partner Authro builds gorgeous author websites that include 100% custom design, unlimited pages, paypal integration for direct sales, book previews, premium SEO, social media integration, and much more. Get $100 off when you sign up through Vook!

$1699 $1599
$9.99/month hosting after first year

Video Book Trailers

Good book trailers can be powerful and influential tools to increase book sales. Our partner Authro also specializes in stunning trailers that know how to drive customers.

All video trailers include a creative narrative, royalty-free stock images and video, a professional voice over, listing on YouTube or Vimeo, and on-screen copy to direct traffic. Get $100 off when you sign up through Vook!

$999 $899

The Book Launch Publicist

Let Vook do all the heavy lifting with this fully customized book publicity campaign led by a member of the Vook Marketing team. For one month, a dedicated publicist will run an aggressive PR campaign tailored to you, your book, and your brand.

You get everything from the Marketing Consultation with Editorial, but we do all the heavy PR lifting for you, including:
Press release:
Vook will craft a compelling press release highlighting angles that are most likely to catch a journalist’s eye. In addition to putting it into the hands of key press figures, we’ll distribute an SEO-optimized version online.
Targeted outreach:
We send individual pitch emails and free review copies to dozens of news outlets, blogs, and reviewers and will follow up on a regular basis.
Metadata optimization:
We’ll look at your metadata piece by piece to help you optimize it. This includes a full edit of your book description, BISAC category analysis, keyword selection, and price analysis.
Merchandising support:
If you have distributed through Vook, we’ll nominate your ebook for promotional placement on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and more.

In-Book Chat Features

Vook has partnered with Democrasoft to extend the ability for our authors to incorporate community-building functionality into their ebooks. WeJITs are embedded links in an ebook that direct readers to an online discussion forum where they can engage with each other and the author. These conversations can extend beyond the pages of the ebook via built-in social-sharing technology.