Sell more ebooks: marketing, cover design, and more distribution

by Allison Horton on

Vook has you covered

In our continued effort to make digital publishing easier than ever, we're bringing you a complete package of services.

Marketing: the key to more sales
It's never too early or too late to start! Vook offers a variety of add-on marketing services to meet all budgets. Email me to learn more about what Vook can do to sell more copies.

Eye-catching cover design 
The rules of print covers do not apply to ebook covers. As we announced this month, we now offer cover design to make your ebook stand out from the digital crowd. When you work with Vook's designers, you'll get an eye-catching cover designed your way. 

No-more-headache copy editing
"Hire an editor." That's the #1 piece of advice we get from successful self-published authors. We now provide levels of copy editing services at competitive prices.

The most distribution, the least hassle
We now offer distribution to Kobo, Google, Samsung, and Sony so you can reach 99% of the ebook market. 

From book to ebook: introducing scanning
We’re pros at turning digital documents into great looking ebooks, but we also know how to bring a bound print book to the digital market. Whether you’re working with Vook to build your ebooks or just want your scan in an editable Word document, we’ll deliver a scan with a 99.99% accuracy guarantee.

When you're ready for ebook design, production, distribution, cover design, editing, scanning, marketing, websites, trailers and more, 

Talk to us today.

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