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by Allison Horton on

Copy Editing by Vook

One of the most frequent pieces of advice we get from authors and publishers is to invest in an editor. Whether you want a standard copy edit or developmental editing, we have a package for you.

Standard Copy Editing
  • Complete read of manuscript and art
  • Proofread for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization
  • Ensure consistency of terminology, numbers, abbreviations, quote styling, and names
  • Crosscheck Table of Contents and Bibliographies against text if applicable
  • Check for any issues regarding permission and query the author if need be

Stylistic Copy Editing
All features of the Standard copy edit plus:

  • Edit for language, sense, and logic, making rewrite suggestions
  • Improve word choice, transitions, and fluency
  • Eliminate wordiness, triteness, confusing statements, mixed metaphors, and vague generalizations
  • Mark or revise material that is sexist, prejudiced, obscene, dated, or slanderous
  • Query the author with text suggestions and improvements
  • If applicable, ensure science, technical, medical, and math editorial and type-marking conventions are followed, per client guidelines
  • Fact check proper names, works of art, films, TV programs, music pieces, etc.
  • Create a Table of Contents if requested

If you’re looking for a deeper dive into your title—including storyline, language, and tone advice—contact us to learn more about developmental editing: a collaborative, one-on-one text development between the author and editor.

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