The latest from Vook: copy editing, cover design, and more

by Allison Horton on

In our weekly newsletter, we announced two new services—copy editing and cover design—in an effort to make e-publishing easier than ever.

Copyediting Proofreading & copy editing 
We're excited to offer editing services for all budgets so you can polish your work with our professional editors. We offer industry-standard line editing when you want a thorough proofreader and stylistic copy editing when you need the extra editorial expertise.

Cover designEye-catching cover design
Ebook covers are not the same as print covers, so we're introducing cover design by Vook!We've been making ebooks for years, and we know the type of cover it takes to make your ebook stand out on those crowded digital bookshelves. You can provide the graphic and style guidelines, or you can let our designers do it all for you. There's an option for all budgets.

Sharks by Jeff CorwinAll about SHARKS for $4.99
How do sharks semiconsciously hunt in their sleep? Can sharks really suntan? And just how strong are those teeth? Dive into Jeff Corwin's Explorer Series: SHARKS for more fun facts and an in-depth look at this fascinating, often misunderstood species. Celebrity TV host Jeff Corwin narrates this ebook enhanced with HD videos of ten shark species, high-res images, and fun facts. It's $4.99 for a limited time only.

Ebook keywordsKeywords: what they are, how to use them
Don't be the 58,356th search result! Inserting keywords into your ebook's metadata ensures that the title is easier to find on retailer sites like Amazon. In "Keywords: What they are and how to choose them," we tell you more about increasing discoverability with keywords.

New releaseMaking an e-case with an ebook
In Crossing the Line: Understanding Embezzlement, Dr. Kelly Pope gives readers an "inside look at embezzlement" from a person you'd least expect to be involved. This "e-case" is enhanced with video testimonies, evidentiary exhibits, and infographics that easily break down the case. This is one of two e-case ebooks by Dr. Pope, both available for $6.99.

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