Jeff Corwin's Explorer Series: SHARKS

Jeff Corwin

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When we hear the word shark, the first image that pops up is of a large sharp-toothed animal on the hunt for its next victim—essentially a simple eating machine. In reality, sharks are a complex, highly evolved species that rarely attack humans. They may be the most misunderstood creatures on the planet. There are 400 different species of shark that roam our oceans, ranging from the gentle whale sharks to the powerful great whites to the docile bottom dwelling Wobbegong sharks. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, thanks to 400 million years of evolution.

In this first of its kind multi-sensory book, you will learn all you ever wanted to know about sharks with pictures, audio clips and facts. You will see these amazing animals in a new light as never before seen video footage narrated by Jeff Corwin shows different species of shark in their environments.

“I am excited to bridge the medium of TV and publishing through this Series and educate readers about species that we share this planet with. Many of these species now depend on our support for their survival and we have the power to save them from extinction,” said Jeff Corwin.

Ever since Steven Spielberg's 1975 movie, "Jaws," the word shark set off scary theme music and images of humans being devoured. Surprisingly, Jeff Corwin’s eBook makes me want to forget my water terror, don scuba-diving gear, and go shark sightseeing—no small feat for those of us with phobias about what lies beneath. -Dorri Olds,

"If you have a child or grandchild age 10 or above who is interested in learning about sharks, this would make an ideal gift. And, of course, it is more than suitable for adults who are interested in a readily accessible “modern-day digital dictionary” on sharks. - DEBBRA BROUILLETTE

"The e-book is simple enough to be understood by kids and yet packed with information on all kinds of sharks that will be helpful for school children, families, educators and anyone passionate about nature."- Atula

"With conservation at the heart of this endeavor, he’s found a way to engage a future generation of responsible global citizens. We'll be looking forward to the next installment". - Wendy Toth

"I've read this book and highly recommend it. It's very well written -- and you'll definitely learn something new even if you already know a lot about sharks." - Laurel Neme

"Divers and Marine enthusiasts wil love the exploration of the Oceans and its most awesome predator. --Diving enthusiast

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About Jeff Corwin

Emmy-winning television host, author and biologist, Jeff Corwin has worked for the conservation of endangered species, natural resources, and ecosystems around the globe. Jeff is the co-founder of JeffCorwinConnect Inc, a wildlife-nature focused, global trans-media edu-tainment company.

Through education and awareness, he believes these vital elements of our planet can be conserved for future generations. In addition to his multiple series broadcasted on various networks globally, Jeff is currently the executive producer and host of Ocean Mysteries on ABC.

In addition to exploring the state of our planet's oceans and marine life, Jeff has been a Science and Environmental correspondent for MSNBC and NBC news. Jeff's wildlife and conservation work has been regularly featured on a variety of broadcasting networks including CNN, FOX, Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS Morning Show, Ellen Degeneres, The Bonnie Hunt Show, Rachel Maddow,The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O'Brian, Regis and Kelly and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Beyond television, Jeff has partnered with the Wittaker Center to produce the film Expedition Chesapeake, and with Rodale to publish the book 100 Heartbeats.

Jeff is also the author of Living on the Edge: Amazing Relationships in the Natural World, and founder of EcoZone, an environmental education center in Norwell, MA. Jeff lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two daughters.

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