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Remarkable cover"This book sets out to inspire business and marketing leaders to re-invent and re-imagine their businesses from the inside out."

When a creative branding and marketing agency publishes an ebook to help readers re-imagine their businesses, you'd expect it to be well written and professionally formatted. But when the director of creative communications agency OTM published an ebook, the result was something more: In Remarkable We Trust, a truly remarkable fixed-layout ebook that uses quirky, eye-catching, and sometimes puzzling graphics to inspire and challenge readers. Paul Cash, author of In Remarkable and director of OTM tells Vook more about his innovative book:

From brand to ebook: In Remarkable websiteThe miles-outside-of-the-box approach to OTM's work is reflected in the ebook: "I didn’t want to create your usual business book," Paul tells Vook. "That was my starting point. I’ve tried really hard to remain true to the core purpose of why I put pen to paper, which was to create something fresh, exciting and ultimately inspirational for a generation of business and marketing folk that would read a traditional business book once in a decade." Furthermore, OTM had its own creative identity to uphold. The ebook had to reflect their brand and the work they do for their clients (who include Adobe, Virgin Media, and Citi). Their website's homepage, OTMCreate.com (above), exhibits OTM's design aesthetic that had to be reproduced in the ebook. Originally a print book, In Remarkable the ebook was coded one page at a time by Vook to allow for the capabilities below.


Non-linear design for non-linear thinking: "There are no chapters, zero navigation, every page is a idea. It will drive some people crazy and that’s the point, we are living in the crazy age not the linear age," Paul tells Vook. The Table of Contents, displayed below, are a series of images of each page. The reader can scroll through, click on an image and jump right to that page, a user experience only possible with fixed-layout technology.


Ebooks and democracy: When asked why he decided to turn In Remarkable into an ebook, Paul replied, "I’m a big believer that marketing is every person’s responsibility and not just the marketing department. Every employee's opinion matters and with the rise of social media, their voice is critical to create that level of authenticity between brands and their customers...My book aims to democratize the art of branding in a way that is fun, highly visual, relevant and engaging. I wanted to create a companions guide for people who haven’t got the time to read traditional business books."

How to capture the essence: Describing the essence of the ebook, Paul tells Vook, "Being Remarkable at what you do is the only way to win in the customer-powered social era, aka The Crazy Age...This book sets out to inspire business and marketing leaders to re-invent and re-imagine their businesses from the inside out and provides practical tools, frameworks and ideas to help get them there." And In Remarkable has in turn re-invented and re-imagined the marketing/branding ebook: from black and white vintage photographs to infographic-like visuals, from artfully laid-out text blocks to doodles on a notepad, In Remarkable forces the reader to dig deep and reexamine everything they think they know.


Above: two pages as viewed in an iPad.

Below: a zoom in of that page.


In Remarkable We Trust is available on iTunes for the iPad and iPhone. Learn more about reflowable and fixed-layout ebooks on Vook's blog, and signup with Vook to build your own ebook!

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