Get Your eBook on Sale for the Holidays: Part 2

by Allison Horton on

Yesterday we sent a newsletter to our subscribers about how to get an eBook up for sale in time for the holidays. Today we’ll discuss why you would want your eBook on sale over the holidays and how to make the most of it.

Cyber Monday: it’s the new Black Friday. Amazon and other online retailers will run thousands of promotions the Monday after Thanksgiving. Price promotions are a great way to sell more eBooks and bump titles up the charts. Vook has a wholesale relationship with Amazon so that when Amazon discounts your eBook to stay competitive, you still get paid off the list price that you set.

The winter holidays are great for books of all genres. You don’t need to have a holiday-themed eBook. Health, fitness, and self-help books will soar with the inevitable New Year's resolutions. Cookbooks will be extremely popular in the days leading up to Thanksgiving through Christmas. And fiction and nonfiction in general will sell well because…

In December, many people receive eReaders as gifts. One of the first things they do is start browsing for eBooks (USA Today describes this phenomenon last year). Even if your eBook isn’t one of the first to pop up in a search, Amazon could very well include it in its customer recommendation emails to anyone who bought a similar book.

Vook’s advice: Consider running a price promotion over the holidays to bump your eBook further up the charts. When you raise the price again, the rank will give your eBook more credibility and people will be more willing to pay for it. Amazon normally requires 4-6 weeks notice to run a price promotion, but Vook can let you drop the Amazon price in a matter of days. When you set a lower price on Vook’s store, you can visit your book’s page on Amazon and click “tell us about a lower price,” and Amazon will match the price you set on Vook.

We’ll get your book on sale by the holidays. We have great relationships with the major retailers and can get you some of the best royalty splits in the business. Read more about our distribution terms and visit to get your eBook on sale this holiday season.

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