Get Your eBook on Sale for the Holidays

by Allison Horton on

You'll have an eBook for sale in days!
It’s not too late to get your eBook on sale for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the December holidays.  Here are the five big steps you'll take along the way.  Remember, Vook can do all the work, start to finish, to make sure your book is on sale when it counts. Set up a free consultation today!

Converting a manuscript to ePub (Apple, Barnes & Noble) and mobi (Amazon) files can be tricky when you have special, or even simple, design needs! Vook can do all of the formatting, styling, and quality testing for you.


We're the experts in multimedia-enhanced eBooks and can help you tell your story with images, video, audio, and links. Read about if it's right for your eBook


We can deliver your eBook to Amazon, iBookstore, and Barnes & Noble to save you the time and hassle of going to each retailer individually. Learn more about our distribution terms and competitive royalty splits here.

Vook can provide you with a sales-tracking dashboard to monitor your book's progress. If you run holiday price promotions, you'll be able to track the success day-by-day. You'll know what's working and what's not with your marketing strategy, which brings us to the fifth step...


Everyday, Vook shares eBook marketing advice and success stories on our blog. We will also continue to send best practice white papers to our VookMaker clients. When Vook builds your eBook for you, you have more time to market your eBook!

Vook can build, quality test, and distribute your eBook so you can sit back and enjoy the holidays—and your profits!  To learn what's best for your eBook, sign up at

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