Camera Ready

Manoush Zomorodi

“Be interesting, be intelligent, say it well and you will be heard. That’s what Camera Ready will help you do.” - Joshua Spanier, Director of Media, Google

Ready for your close-up? Right now, people are doing business by video, whether it’s a webinar on a company website, a product demo from an aspiring entrepreneur, or a live news interview with a source on Skype or Google+. Camera Ready is the definitive guide to being brilliant on-camera.

Learn how to present your best self and ideas, conduct effective on-air interviews, what to wear, and help calm your fears by watching twenty how-to videos with proven tips and techniques, plus interviews with video experts from industries including broadcast journalism, retail, non-profit, PR, and education.

With her irreverent and funny style, Manoush will help you prepare for and enjoy the spotlight.

“Manoush has come up with the perfect format for these lessons. Just when you get to a spot where you want to see written theory applied to reality, a video pops up. Her style is conversational and contemporary, both on the page and on camera”. - Pat Kiernan, Anchor for NY1 in New York City

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About Manoush Zomorodi

Manoush Zomorodi is the author of Camera Ready: How to Present Your Best Self and Ideas On Air or Online. Her on-camera expertise comes from years of producing and reporting for BBC News, Reuters Television, and other media outlets. She moderates conferences on digital technology and hosts live video events, in addition to doing media coaching.

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