The Aught-Sixers

Robert Bennett

The Aught-Sixers is set in post-amnesty California. The narrative follows the lives of some displaced blue collar workers and their families. The book struggles to define the obstacles that faced them. It talks of the upside, and the downside, of the drug trade and of the economic consequences of illegal immigration along with the human black market that followed.

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About Robert Bennett

Robert Bennett was working in the Oregon woods as a logger when the economic devastation of the 1980’s forced him to flee to California. He went to work for an environmental engineering firm and found himself stationed in places as far away as Guam. Mr. Bennett wrote a fictional account of the effects Reaganomics had on Oregon’s economy, only to discover no one was interested. That experience drove him to California State University, Sacramento where he earned an MA in creative writing and went on to publish 5 novels and a collection of short stories.

He was living in California when the 1986 amnesty legislation was passed. The Aught-Sixers reflects the economic and social upheaval caused by that legislation.

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