Letters From My Therapist

Dave Schilling

Dave Schilling is a young writer in trouble. He's reached an impasse in his therapy. He just can't seem to be honest with anyone, and his therapist sees only one solution: combing through his first book, a collection of his most popular Thought Catalog essays to figure out exactly what the hell is wrong with him since he won't take the time to tell her. This collection of absurd, hilarious and oftentimes poignant essays is the only window into the mind of a neurotic, 20-something man who just won't grow up.

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About Dave Schilling

Dave Schilling is a Los Angeles-based writer/comedian. In addition to contributing to Thought Catalog, he is also the Associate News Editor for Vice Magazine. His work has been featured on the Huffington Post, Hipster Runoff and Metazen. He lives with his girlfriend, Madison, who asked nicely to be mentioned in this bio. You're welcome, dear.

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