Ready for Launch Part 3: Email Marketing

by Livia Nicolai on

Book marketing is an ongoing process, and many authors choose to wait until the title is live to start their marketing efforts. But why wait? We've dedicated a series of blog posts to pre-launch marketing activities. Third in line: how authors can market their upcoming book with email newsletters.

Why email marketing

Unlike traditional advertisements, emails can adapt to your needs on the fly. This means that, just like on the author website, you can focus on showing off the strengths of your book. The other huge benefit of sending pre-launch newsletters is that you build an email list before you need it most. That way, when your book is released, you already have a subscriber base that is likely to purchase it. This not only drives revenue but also bumps the book further up the charts when everyone downloads the title within a short period of time. Finally, pre-launch email marketing is a great way to capture the attention of someone who would otherwise forget to revisit your website or check Amazon for new releases. Plus, it's near (if not completely) free, so what's to lose?

How to acquire subscribers

Gather email addresses from all points of contact - physical and virtual - with potential readers. For example, your website, Facebook page, Twitter bio, and any blogs should all have prominent links to the newsletter’s sign up form. Also put it in your email signature for all contacts to see. If you have friends in the publishing industry, don't forget to ask if they can promote you and your newsletter on their website.

What to include in your emails

Switch it up between author news, new releases, and sneak peeks of your book. Once it has been released, you can also email great book reviews or price promotions. Don't hesitate to share a fun fact about writing or publishing: everyone loves an insider look. Newsletters are more personal than your author website, which gives you the freedom to be friendly and engaging.

If you want to learn more about email marketing, check out our free guide for authors. And stay tuned for our next post about pre-launch blogging!

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