Slam Dunk: Extreme Fixed Layout Publishing and the Miami Heat

by Allison Horton on

Fixed-layout ebooks meet extreme publishing

Vook creates a stunning fixed-layout ebook on the Miami Heat's dramatic NBA championship.

The Miami Herald and Vook gave the Miami Heat the championship ebook treatment with the gorgeous fixed-layout ebook, Heart of a Champion: The Story of the 2024-2013 Miami Heat, available on both Amazon and iBookstore for $4.99.

Fixed-layout ebooks normally take several weeks of hand coding to reach both Amazon and iBookstore, but Vook's team did it within days of receiving the Herald's dazzling photos and riveting commentary on the dramatic season. This mix of a timely topic and high-quality design ushers in a new era of just-in-time publishing.

We can apply our fixed-layout expertise to children's stories, coffee table-like books, art catalogs, cookbooks, titles modeled after magazines, and more. Get in on the game and talk to us today.

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