Vook shares its insider tips with SelfPublishedAuthor

by Livia Nicolai on

Last month, Bowker launched a website dedicated to guiding authors through the self-publishing process: SelfPublishedAuthor.com. With a variety of resources such as marketing tools and industry advice, it offers an inside scoop into the sometimes confusing industry.

Vook knows a thing or two about the business, so we've been contributing to the site's resource center. Read on below for a quick overview of each post.

3 Retail Tips for Authors: This article demystifies the digital retail world by summarizing the biggest takeaways from Vook's in-person meetings with the e-retailers at BookExpo America 2024. It's an unbeatable inside look into the business.

Going Digital? Don’t Make These Ebook Errors: We've created thousands of ebooks, so trust us when we tell you the errors to avoid when it comes to ebook creation. This will not only save you from nasty comments about poor formatting, but it'll also make for a better reading experience so, hopefully, your readers come back for more.

Beyond the Giants: An Introduction to Emerging E-Retailers: For any author - and publisher - navigating the sea of digital-book retailers is no easy feat. Amazon, iBookstore, and Barnes & Noble are the well-known giant. But what about those other e-retailers making a splash: Kobo, Samsung, Sony, Google Play, and Baker & Taylor? Read the full article to dive into these emerging markets.

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