Mandarin Made Easy with Ebooks

by Allison Horton on

An ebook makes learning a foreign language easy (and fun) in The Lazy Bastard Guide to Mandarin: An Abridged Corpus of Axioms, Vocabulary and Purported Meanings. Loosely satirizing the context and structure of a pocket-sized phrase book, author Christian Adams teaches Mandarin for the modern age, providing no-nonsense definitions, must-knows, and street slang. But Christian also brings language instruction to the modern age, leveraging the best of ebook capabilities to publish a comprehensive guide just as effective (and more convenient) than a print book, including:

  • Tip boxes like "Taxi Cab Mandarin"
  • Photographs, such as the hand-signal numeric system displayed below
  • Thoughtful spacing and indentations to make large paragraphs of text manageable
  • Streamlined headlines and subheadlines to break up vocabulary categories
  • Lists and charts to keep everything organized

Guide to Mandarin
Guide to Mandarin
Guide to Mandarin
Guide to Mandarin

We also couldn't help but notice the ebook's striking cover, which is sure to stand out on those crowded e-retailer displays on any screen.

Guide to Mandarin cover

You can purchase Guide to Mandarin on Vook's store. Learn more about Vook's ebook-building services on It's free to get started!

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