How to Create the Best Author Website

by Allison Horton on

Every author needs a Website

Every time you use our VookMakers for creation and distribution, we give your eBook a Webpage on our storefront. We know that eBook Webpages are crucial for success in digital publishing. Our free Webpages are built with best practices, but there are many more tips and tricks that can really make a difference for your titles.

So we wrote a guide to author Webpages that reflects everything we've learned.

We sent it to our newsletter subscribers this morning, and now we want to send it to you. Sign up for our newsletter to download "Websites for Authors: How to Sell More Books and Build Your Fanbase" to learn how to maximize your Web presence.

And don't forget to have our VookMakers build you the best eBooks on the market. When we build your eBook, distribution to our store and your eBook's webpage are free.

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