How eBooks Work for Every Audience: the Case of AARP

by Allison Horton on

With the release of its digital manual, AARP Guide to Caregiving, AARP has repurposed an enormous volume of content to focus on one particularly tricky subject: caregiving for the elderly. Guide to Caregiving covers everything from health to housing, legal matters to emotional issues. The AARP is an excellent example of a company smartly expanding into ebooks to make it easier to deliver content to its core audience . Here's how AARP is able to include more content, reach more people, and do so more efficiently via digital publishing:

Links: every resource at your fingertips

The range of topics covered is wide, but the digital book format allows AARP to pack massive amounts of information into a manageable eBook. Throughout the guide, AARP links to its own online Caregiving Resource Center, Legal Services Network, and other articles to supplement their guide. Readers can decide for themselves how much additional information to pursue on a topic. Furthermore, Guide to Caregiving embeds text with links to external online resources: government agencies, homecare services, disease-specific organizations, etc. At the end of the manual, a "Resources" section lists them all out again.

Not just for an iPad

By releasing Guide to Caregiving through Vook, AARP ensures that anyone with access to a computer can read the eBook through our browser-based reader. This is important for the many elderly who do not have eReaders but do have plenty of computer time.

Easy to disperse and promote

AARP has 37 million members. Providing members with a digital guide is more efficient and less expensive than selling hard copies, distinctions that are particularly important for nonprofits.

Check out AARP Guide to Caregiving and their other guide, AARP 299 Great Ways to Save , on Vook's store. Interested to see what Vook can do for your organization? Sign up at to learn more.

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