The key to Amazon discoverability

by Allison Horton on

What worked for us can work for you.

In addition to building eBooks for authors and media companies, Vook has published hundreds of titles on our own. Along the way, we've learned what gets an eBook visible on Amazon—the levers you can pull and adjustments you can make to move your book up the charts and into greater recommendation engine relevance.

This morning, we sent our newsletter subscribers "The eBook Discovery Quagmire," our free guide on getting your eBook discovered on Amazon. We have more whitepapers like this to share—they represent the experience our VookMakers bring to your project and content strategy. We'll continue to send them out, so sign up for our newsletter to download this guide now and get others in the future. And feel free to request whitepapers on particular subjects; we're always interested in new topics to explore. Just write

P.S. Want the best eBook on the market? Hire one of our VookMakers to do all the work. We'll build an eye-catching eBook that gives you the competitive edge.

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