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by Allison Horton on

Our VookMakers just finished production on Kiratiana's Travel Guide to Multicultural London: Get Lost and Get Found, one of our best travel books yet. It reminded me how much extra care and attention go into travel guides. The breadth of information that they cover—the sights, hotels, restaurants, shops, tours—needs to be meticulously organized to make the book manageable. Sections and subsections must be clearly distinguished with subheadlines, fonts, colors, and spacing. Indents, lists, and charts should set the text apart so as not to overwhelm the reader. And pictures need to be carefully integrated into the text to supplement all of the information.

Kiratiana Freelon's beautifully styled travel guide to multicultural London includes everything from South Asian festivals to Caribbean food. Her eBook also offers features that would have been impossible in print: links to hotels, restaurant reviews on Yelp, festival schedules, and more. Here are some more perks, straight from the author herself:

Timely release

Kiratiana notes, "With London hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games this year, the city is very top-of-mind for people looking to travel. I think the Games also revealed a new London that many people are not familiar with—the multicultural one. So I'm hoping as more and more people travel to London, they'll think about this alternative London."

Instant gratification (and orientation)

A traveler on-the-go can download the eBook in seconds and start exploring. Kiratiana adds, "I love the fact that if I am talking to someone, they can download my book immediately on their smartphone."

Bring the eBook to life

Kiratiana will soon take the next step: "I included pictures in my book but I'm looking forward to releasing the enhanced eBook version when I can include videos! Now try that in a physical book!"

So get packing with Kiratiana's guide and check out our other travel books on Vook's store. Want to build an exceptional looking eBook of your own? Don't hesitate to sign up for a free consultation with our VookMakers.

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