Creating an eBook, Creating Art

by Allison Horton on

21 artists showcase their works and tell their stories in Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life, & Faith, produced by The Grove Center for the Arts & Media. General Edtior Joey O'Connor writes in the introduction: "For years I have dreamed of creating a book designed to share the personal, professional and spiritual journeys of artists from different disciplines all in the hope of inspiring other artists to persevere and excel in their creative work." To do so, Joey leverages multimedia to create a powerful art experience that would not have been possible in a printed book or even a gallery. Like a printed book, vivid paintings and photographs supplement the text. But Joey brings the art to life with videos of painters painting, dancers dancing, and—just like Joey—artists using technology to push the boundaries of art. It is also worth noting the design of Create itself: artful drop caps at the beginnings of paragraphs and a clean, thoughtful format.

Create is available on the Vook store for online reading and direct download to your desktop and eReader. To learn more about building an eBook with Vook, visit

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