Stand Out eBook Designs

by Allison Horton on

The race to convert text into eBooks meant the look and feel of many early titles had a "same-y" feel that wasn't reflected in their original print version. Typesetting, page lay out, paper stock, all of these elements give print books personality and presence—elements that seem foreign to reflowable text. But that doesn't have to be the case! With unique CSS styling, eBooks can now reflect intentional design; with each title having a personalized look. At Vook, our Vookmakers offer a variety of templates to start, and then can provide even more specialized customization.

Here are four templates designed by Vook's Adam Schnapper. Different stories deserve different designs; let a VookMaker build the perfect eBook for you.

Our VookMakers specialize in building great, eye-catching eBooks for individual authors and large media companies alike. Learn more about what Vook can do for you.

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