This Week at Vook: Shuffles & Slams

by Allison Horton on

Everyday our VookMakers swing by my desk to show me cool new projects coming out of our platform. Here are two innovative eBooks that really caught our eye:

Shuffle: an e-novel creates a groundbreaking reading experience based on the iPod’s shuffle feature. The destinies of seven strangers are mysteriously linked by seven songs discovered on an iPod. What's really cool is that the author created an image of an old school iPod—and you can touch the names of songs on it to skip between chapters. Another interesting note: Shuffle is credited to James T. Raydel, the penname of the fictional fiction-collective, whose creators remain mysterious. Each story in Shuffle is credited to a fictional writer with one mission: “to jack your Kindle with something mind-stretching but legal.”

And talk about mind-stretching. Sound of A Spine: Poetry & Performance of Nick Macedo is a testament to the power of video and, especially in this case, audio in an eBook. Nick’s spoken-word poetry is beautifully styled stanza-by-stanza in his eBook and accompanied by videos of the poet performing. Hearing Nick's delivery style—his rhythm, accents, and emotions—lends the transcribed poems greater force. Of course, even without videos, the poems are beautiful. From "Waking Up:"

"So when I walk

My chest is a silo

Quiet and strong.

Full of grain from every field

I’ve walked through

In between dusk and dawn"

Want to learn more about the possibilities of eBooks? Tell us what you're working on and we'll find an awesome solution for you. I always love a cool new eBook!

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