Five Essentials of eBook Marketing

by Allison Horton on

Vook has been making best-selling eBooks for years. Our in-house experts and successful authors share five secrets to selling massive amounts of eBooks.

Create a killer cover
Your eBook needs to stand out in a crowded space and be readable across all devices. Making a strong cover is almost as crucial as coming up with a good eBook title. Design your cover for the amount of screen real-estate you get in the digital stores, not for print. Read more about successful cover design.

Build your own bookstore
Make sure your eBook has its own webpage that clearly directs readers to the stores where it's available. This is crucial. Manoush Zomorodi's website for Camera Ready includes links to all online retailers, review excerpts, and a video trailer. Want visitors to keep coming back for more? Make sure your website features a newsletter signup form.

Build and talk to your fanbase
Send email newsletters to build loyalty, advertise on the fly, and extend your reach (ever forward an email to a friend?) for next to nothing! As author Carla King says, "These people signed up to hear what you had to say. Ask them what they want, and give them what they came for."

But be your biggest fan
Sell yourself like you would sell your best friend. Social media is a great way to reach your audience every single day. Best-selling author Warren Adler engages his readers everyday with Twitter and Facebook. And Pinterest. And YouTube.

Leverage that metadata
You know those keywords that vendors make you submit? Spend extra time getting these right. For example, Google's Search Tools will show you popular search terms related to a keyword you're going to use. Consider incorporating those. Be specific to ensure maximum search visibility.

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