The New Kindle Fire Teaser Video Looks Familiar...

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What better way for Amazon to introduce the new Kindle Fire than by featuring Vook’s own Apollo Moon Landing: A Brief History in its television announcement! 

At 1:30 P.M. ET. today Amazon is hosting an event that's expected to launch its new tablets and eReaders.  We’re standing by to get all of the details.  But until then…we can’t stop watching the new teaser video featuring Vook’s Apollo Moon Landing: A Brief History.

It’s the perfect book for what is sure to be an awesome new tablet from the pioneer of e-reading.  Apollo Moon Landings by Vook presents a comprehensive look at the program in a compact format.  Whether you watched the landing from your living room in 1969, on video uploaded to YouTube or even recreated it in a computer simulation, you'll love reading our brief history cover to cover.  We recommend the video-enhanced version.
  • Rare video footage and vivid images add more dimension than ever.
  • The book sheds light on Apollo’s major scientific and technological advances.
  • You’re carried on a journey from the Space Race to the program’s future.
Watch the teaser and check out Apollo Moon Landing: A Brief History and Apollo Moon Landing: A Brief History with Video.

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