Have Something to Say to the Author?

by Allison Horton on

Now you can!

Vook is proud to announce the arrival of the world’s first two-way interactive eBook.  JD Messinger’s 11 Days in May introduces groundbreaking WeJIT technology, integrated into the book through the Vook platform, that allows instant dialog and collaboration between the author and readers.

And what a great book to launch this technology; it's all about communication!  When Messinger breaks his neck, he begins to experience prophetic visions and a sixth sense.  11 Days in May is the riveting story of his spiritual transformation.  With the new interactive technology, readers can respond to Messinger when he asks: who am I, why am I here, and where did I come from?  “In a way, it creates an instant book club around any subject that readers care to participate in and to involve others,” says the author.

How does it work?  JD Messinger invites readers to discuss a subject by inserting a link into the text.  They are directed to an online forum in which Messinger and his readers post responses in real time.

11 Days in May is a watershed event for eBooks and the community is taking notice.

Digital Reader writes, “Old books sometimes accumulate notes from owners, and as they get passed from one to the next we sometimes even see new comments responding to older ones.  With WeJIT, we might be able to duplicate that idea inside eBooks.”

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