Our Next $100 Incentive Recipient

by Allison Horton on

Our $100 Incentive Goes to Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler

Each week, we randomly select an author published on Vook to receive $100 from us.  Anyone can participate in our Sell With Vook Incentive—you simply have to log in or create a Vook account on our platform at http://tool.vook.com and then upload your eBook to our store. You can also just email us with your prepared file, and we'll upload it for you

Our first incentive recipient was Steven Lee Climer and we're pleased to announce our second $100 incentive goes to Dorothy Hoobler and Thomas Hoobler for The Demon in the Teahouse, the second book in their Samurai Detective series.   Check it out here!

Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler have just released their wildly popular, award-winning Samurai Detective series on Vook.  Samurai rule the land in The Demon in the Teahouse, and a menace is setting fire to the ancient city of Edo.  Young Seikei, a tea merchant’s son who dreams of becoming a samurai himself, embarks on a harrowing journey to stop the madman.  The trail leads him to Yoshiwara, the “floating world” of beautiful geishas and powerful secrets, where danger and death await.

We are honored to welcome Dorothy and Thomas to Vook.  The Hooblers have written over 90 books for readers of all ages.  Books in the Samurai Detective series have been selected by the Book-of-the-Month Club for Children, the Junior Library Guild, and the Scholastic Book Club.  The next book in the Samurai Detective series, In Darkness, Death, won the 2024 Edgar Award for Best Young Adult Mystery Novel.  We know what we’ll be reading next!

Check out the Samurai Detective series on Vook and Facebook.

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