How To Sell Your Book On Vook FAST

by Matthew Cavnar on

To make things easy for authors who want to sell on our Vook Store, we're able to accept your files (provided they're properly formatted) and put them up for sale on Vook for you. 

This post only covers getting your book onto our Vook Store  (where you keep 85% of your net royalties; see our distribution terms here). To do this, you have two options:

  1. Set up a Vook Account at and create and distribute your eBook yourself
  2. Send Vook your assets and Vook will create your eBook and sell it on for you
This post will walk you through - as clearly as possible - how you can sell on Vook yourself or the steps you can take to have us put your eBook on sale for you. 

Path 1: Set Up a Vook Account to Do It Yourself

This path to the Vook Store is straightforward.

  1. Go to
  2. Register for a new account (this is free and does not require a credit card)
  3. Follow our Step-by-Step Creation Guide at
  4. When you are satisfied with your eBook, you can click on "Details" and choose to sell your eBook on Vook for free OR pay $99 for Vook to distribute your eBook to Amazon, BN, and iBooks. When you pay us $99, you can choose whether you'd also like to sell on the Vook Store.
  5. If you choose to sell only on Vook, you will be asked to fill out a variety of metadata fields so that your eBook's Webpage has all the right information
  6. If you choose to sell through Amazon, BN, and iBooks, you will be asked to fill out more robust metadata fields
  7. Even if you choose to only distribute through Vook, you can come back at any time and choose to pay $99 for complete distribution to Amazon, BN, and iBooks
  8. When you sell your eBook through Amazon, BN, and iBooks, you can follow your sales through our sales tracking tool that will be accessible in the main dashboard of your account
  9. Vook will pay you royalties 60 days after the end of every quarter
Path 2: Send Your Book to Vook and We Will Sell It on Vook for You

If you have an eBook you would like to sell on Vook and you don't want to use our tool to distribute it yourself, we will take your standard eBook file and distribute it for you only on our store at If you have an eBook with audio and video, please contact [email protected] for consideration on a case-by-case basis. We only need you to follow a few steps so that the process is straightforward.

If you want to send us your eBook, here are the required steps

  1. Gather your eBook assets. Vook requires the following files:
    1. Text: Properly formatted Word document (formatting instructions are in the next step)
    2. Cover: A PNG format cover image that must have a Width between 500-600 pixels and a Height between 800-900 pixels
    3. Marketing Description: 1-4 paragraphs describing your eBook
    4. Author bio: An author biography statement of no more than 500 words
    5. Price: The price you want to sell your eBook at on Vook
  2. Format your Word document. Vook requires your Word document be formatted a specific way so that we can properly ingest it and render it properly. Here are the steps to formatting your document.
    1. Find the Chapter or Section headings of your document and style them as a "Title" style in Word. To do this, highlight the Chapter and Section names, click on this icon   in the Styles section of Word, and select "Title" from the list of styles.
    2. Remove all Headers, Footers, page numbers and table of contents
    3. If you have images in your document, they will be placed in the book where you placed them in the document
    4. We cannot accept Word files larger than 70 MBs
    5. Please double check and make sure your eBook chapters are properly styled as Titles and you have removed the Headers, Footers, page numbers and table of contents.
  3. Send us your assets. Email your properly formatted assets to [email protected] with the subject line: WORD DOCUMENT TO SELL ON VOOK. Please make sure the subject  is in all caps
  4. We will respond with the Terms of Service for you to sign 
  5. Provided your title is properly formatted, we will put your eBook up for sale on Vook in one week
  6. Vook will pay you royalties 60 days after the end of every quarter
Remember, you can find any answers to questions regarding our pricing and distribution on our Website.

Distribution information:

Pricing information:

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