Our First $100 Incentive Recipient: Steven Lee Climer

by Matthew Cavnar on

Steven Lee Climer, come on down!

This week, we launched our Sell With Vook Incentive. We’ll be randomly selecting one author a week published on Vook to receive $100 from us. Anyone can participate—you simply have to log in or create a Vook account at on our platform at http://tool.vook.com and then upload your eBook to our store. If you don’t have the time to manage that, you can just write me at Matthew@vook.com and we’ll put your eBook up for you.

Our first recipient is Steven Lee Climer, for his novel Heaven Crack’d.

 You can buy and preview Heaven Crack'd on Vook by clicking here. 

Steven describes it as, “Percy Jackson meets Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon and Sucker Punch.” It’s a YA fantasy novel inspired by east-Asian mythology and Buddhism. Our read reminded us a little of the Last Airbender meshed with the classic adventures of Chinese folk hero Monkey. (The music of Gorillaz would make perfect listening accompaniment.)

Steven is an author, entrepreneur and reader. He’s published multiple books via Smashwords, Amazon and other outlets—and we’re very happy to welcome him to Vook. You can learn more about his other books at his Website, http://sugarbuzzbooks.blogspot.com/.

Congratulations Steven! We’ll be reaching out with details about your $100 soon.

 And for everyone else, start your account (or log in) at tool.vook.com (or heck just write me at Matthew@vook.com) and get your eBooks on our store and yourself entered in our incentive.  

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