New Vook Pricing: What It Means For You

by Matthew Cavnar on

Yesterday, we talked about the excellent new features you can access in Vook—today I'll go over the fine points of our new pricing.

We have now instituted “pay-as-you-go” pricing. You may remember our recent offer of $9.99 monthly subscription starter accounts. We created those to address the demand from authors who wanted to publish only a handful of titles. Those $9.99 accounts were offered for a limited time. If you purchased one, you can continue to use it to publish to Amazon, BN and iBooks and get 100% of your royalties (after the distributors take their cut). There's absolutely no additional $99 fee for you.

For new Vook authors, per title pricing allows you to pay for each eBook you want to distribute to Amazon, BN, and iBooks. When you pay that $99, you also get your final, distribution-ready ePub and Mobi files. You can take those final eBook files and sell them on any channel you wish. You don’t even have to publish through Vook -- you could distribute those files yourself to Amazon, BN, or other retailer accounts.

Our $99 pricing is about giving you the greatest range of options and the most flexibility. If you do choose to distribute to Vook, you can learn more about our distribution terms here.

Finally, we’re most excited about our new Vook Store. It is FREE to distribute to Vook—and we pay you 85% percent of the royalties. All you have to do is create a Vook account, upload your eBook file, and then choose to distribute it FOR FREE to is an entirely new retail channel offering you your own Webpage and browser based HTML5 eBook experience, which means readers can preview and read your eBook on any device.

In summary:

It’s FREE to publish to, get your own Webpage and keep 85% of your royalties. Just log into Vook!

It costs $99 to distribute through Vook to Amazon, BN and iBooks,  get a sales tracking dashboard, 100% of your royalties—and your final eBook files.

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