Winners of the eBook Creation Contest Announced

by Adam Schnapper on

We're proud to announce the results of our Vook Creation Contest. Our team argued over their favorite picks all week—more than 500 titles were in consideration. The range of work shows what you + Vook can do! The winners will receive $1000 worth of Vook Marketing Promotion—and the overall winner also receives a free Vook account for a year.

Here are the winners in each of the three categories:

And the winners are...

Best Design:


Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith

Publisher: The Grove Center for Center for the Arts & Media

This eBook is a feast for the eyes! Neatly arranged paragraphs of text frame gorgeous images of paintings and videos. Each chapter begins with a beautiful initial letter, set as a drop cap with text wrapping around it. This continues on the Bio page where all of the conrtibuting editors' headshots are set within their bio paragraphs!

Best Content:


Pocket Stones: A World War II Childhood

Publisher: Hardboiled Industries

Pocket Stones is a collection of short stories about a young girl growing up in WW-II era Phillipines. Each story is a short gem of personal history mixed with world history, all written with a concise, light touch. We are proud to have helped such a great collection of stories appear as an eBook!

Best Overall:


Scam School: Volume 1

Publisher: Magician Brian Brushwood

Scam school is a phenomenal title that really stood out the moment we saw it. It pushes the eBook format to the max! Creators Brian Brushwood and Jonathan Tilton stopped at nothing to build a title perfectly suited for the medium. Scam school has it all: Thrilling content, videos, images (used to illustrate the text, but also for design flourishes), and audio tracks! The eBook also uses internal links to take the reader to an answers section where the tricks are revealed!

Thank you again to all who submitted, and to all of our users There will be many more chances to have your titles featured in the future!

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