Vook Is Cooking

by Matthew Cavnar on

We began onramping beta users on Tuesday—and the turn-out for online training reminds us of the end of "Ghostbusters." We thought we had a lot of demand, but we were still surprised when a Mr. Staypuff sized colossus suddenly materialized.

But it did. And we're kind of awed. Our users are hungry to make books. We're moving fast to meet the demand. We’re instructing registrants in groups, walking them through the platform, then handing over the keys so they can build their own titles.

Want more evidence? Our company is growing to help us extend Vook far and wide. We’re hiring!

Specifically, we’re hiring a Lead Generation Marketing Manager and a Head of Sales. I’m not going to post the entire spec here — too much space — but click on either job title and you’ll see the requirements.

The early user feedback is confirming that we're building something people need. Expect to see examples of user created books soon. And if you're not in the beta, get ready to start creating your own books directly after that.

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