Intro to Advanced Text Styling II: Create Captions

by Jeffrey Yozwiak on

This is the second post in an on-going, multi-part series about Vook's powerful text styling capabilities. Read Part 1, and make sure to stay tuned into our blog for weekly updates.

Last week I showed you how to use quotes and tip boxes. Today's topic is...


Did you know that captions created with Vook always stay on the same page as their images? All you need to do is let Vook know what is a caption and what isn't.

To create a caption, highlight both your image and your caption and select "div.figure" from the Styles drop down menu. Then, highlight your text and then select "div.figcaption" from the Styles drop down menu.

In the Style editor, you can set the font, alignment, spacing, and more.

If you want to add captions to videos and audio files, do so in the Upload/File manager. They won't show up in the Content editor just yet, but rest assured they'll be included in the Preview file.

And that's it. Next week we'll cover design tips for improving readability.

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