The Game of Your Life: Perform at Your Peak

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    Many people wonder why life is so difficult, why it can’t be simple. The Game of Your Life shows you how life is really like a game. To win the game of life, you need to understand the rules, know how to avoid and overcome obstacles to success, and recognize the goal of the game.

    The principles for success in the game of life are simple, universal, and easy to apply. When you learn to play the game, you will be amazed at the results, in everything from the morning commute to work to building a successful relationship, to creating a thriving business.

    No one ever gave you a rule book for life...until now. The Game of Your Life teaches you the valuable skills you need to understand life and conquer the pitfalls that prevent most people from achieving their goals. Find out why treating life like a game is the only way to win in the game of life.