The Inferno Experience: Inferno's Hidden Secrets and Eternal Mysteries

Sara Bruni

Dan Brown’s Inferno mostly takes place in Florence, the city where Dante once wrote about hell, purgatory and paradise, a mysterious world filled with symbolism. You can find traces of Dante and the Divina Commedia all over Florence. Which of these are also included in Dan Brown’s book? What manner of secrets do they hide?

Dan Brown takes you to a number of hidden places inside the city, such as the secret passage Vasari built, and the percorsi segreti in the Palazzo Vecchio. What stories are lurking behind these hidden landmarks? Who was the architect who built these secret passages?

Dan Brown also presents lots of riddles, mostly based on Dante’s Divina Commedia. To which spots do the canti refer? And where will Dante’s death mask lead Robert Langdon? Let me take you along on a magic mystery tour of all the symbols, the codes and the references in Inferno in this third and last book of The Inferno Experience.

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About Sara Bruni

Sara Bruni (1980) was born in Siena, where as a child she used to explore every last tiny alleyway. She studied medieval history at the University of Siena, because she was fascinated by Dante and his stories. After losing her heart to an American literary scholar, who shared her fascination for Dante, she moved to the United States. At least three times a year she returns to the city where she was born, where the breath of the middle ages can still be wonderfully tangible. In honor of Dan Brown’s Inferno, Sara followed in the footsteps of Dante in Florence, Siena and Tuscany. In her eBooks, she shares these travels, so you can use them as the basis for your own trip.

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