The Diamond Club

Patricia Harkins-Bradley

When Brianna Young discovers that Roman Dyle, the man she built a relationship and a multi-million dollar company with, has gotten married to another woman behind her back, she embarks on a journey to realize her dreams of professional and sexual revenge for everything she had endured at the hands of Roman.

Brianna seeks her romance from The Diamond Club, an exotic, sexually-charged gathering of the Bay Area's most attractive and interesting people, from angel investors and airline pilots to world-famous chefs and dubstep artists.

Erotic, gripping, and emotionally-charged, The Diamond Club is a story of revenge and discovery that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

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About Patricia Harkins-Bradley

Patricia Harkins-Bradley is an English teacher, ex-wife, and mother-of-three in San Francisco, California.

Since an early age, she’s always wanted to capture the hearts of millions through stories of romance. Many of the characters mentioned in her writing are interpretations of characters pulled from her daily life, college days, and other precious memories.

Patricia has written a variety of unpublished short stories, but finally decided to share her writing with the world in her first published novel, The Diamond Club.