Master Your DSLR Camera: The Better Way to Learn Digital Photography

David Becker

Stop using the Auto setting on your fancy DSLR camera! “Master Your DSLR Camera” is a how-to book featuring photojournalist and Pulitzer finalist Mary F. Calvert in video tutorials. It also includes 30 slideshows and guided tours that let you easily navigate your way through photography jargon, camera settings, and dozens of common shooting scenarios. This Betterbook enhanced e-book covers everything so you won't miss capturing even one more priceless moment.

“Master Your DSLR Camera” is a made-for-digital-first enhanced e-book that includes: 1) A dozen in-depth video tutorials: Pulitzer photography finalist Mary F. Calvert helps you take control of your powerful DSLR camera and walks you through how to see the beautiful photos hidden from the untrained eye, while also capturing the moments that could have easily passed you by, 2) 300 stunning photographs from more than a dozen professional photographers, 3) 30 slideshows and guided tours, 4) Expert-curated buying guide, with more than 150 recommended photography accessories, and 5) Quick-reference glossary with key terms, definitions, and photos accessible throughout

Tap and swipe your way through seemingly inaccessible concepts like aperture, shutter speed, focal length and ISO. Explore guided tours of the camera, inside and out, and with digital-first slide shows you can change camera settings in the book to see the image transform right before your eyes.

Learn professional tricks like how to freeze droplets of water in midair and perfectly blur the background of a bridal photo. Manage movement and light, properly set up your shots, and use our quick-reference cheat sheets to master 25 common shooting scenarios, including: Children, Pets, Travel & Architecture, Nighttime, Sunsets & Fireworks, Parties & Weddings, Nature & Wildlife, and Sports

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About David Becker

David is a veteran technology journalist who has written camera reviews and covered digital imaging news for publications including Wired, Men's Journal, CNET and Macworld. In other journalistic lives, he has interviewed rock stars, exposed billion-dollar financial scams and walked on hot coals. David's photos have appeared in gallery exhibits, stock photo catalogs and major newspapers.