Kingdom Of Hamelot: Portrait of Doctor Leachum, a Controversial Man

Sharon Watts

Doctor Leachum is far from the friendliest of physicians! After all, he treats the poor people of Hamelot with leeches. Is he up to more than the usual mischief? Find out in this poetic introduction to Doctor Leachum, bad boy of Hamelot. This free excerpt from Kingdom of Hamelot Series I: Menagerie of Murder is steeped in historically accurate details from the time period and full of illuminating vocabulary and facts. Readers will not only love the brilliant stories, but will hear them, enjoy fanciful illustrations, watch supplemental videos and more! The Kingdom of Hamelot is a unique storytelling experience beyond the traditional book, so grab your eReader and join us beyond the mist!

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About Sharon Watts

Sharon Watts is a true Anglophile with a particular interest in the Elizabethan age—the history, the culture and the people. This Logan, Utah, girl became an avid fan of William Shakespeare when she first saw Sir Laurence Olivier’s portrayal of Hamlet on the silver screen.

At the age of 70, Sharon hit on the ultimate outlet for her skills, knowledge, and artistic talents and became the creator of her own magical world—the Kingdom of Hamelot. She loves and cares about the characters of the kingdom as if they were family. She takes the greatest pleasure in seeing the joy her stories bring to others. With more than 100 characters and 50 stories so far, Sharon plans to spend the rest of her life continuing to bring life, adventures and characters to her beloved Hamelot.

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