Inspire your FitBehavior: Real people. Real results. Real motivation.

What if we lived in a world where everyone was fit? Imagine the possibilities. In addition to solving a significant healthcare crisis, consider the increased quality of life. This collection of real stories from people like you is intended to provide inspiration to get off the couch! Discover your own fit behavior with the ultimate “why and how” to be active for health and vitality today.

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See what others are saying about Inspire your FitBehavior: “Seeing/reading this 'book' will motivate people to take better care of themselves and reap the benefits of a longer, healthier more productive life reducing the cost to themselves, the insurers and the government. Everybody wins!!!!” - Chet Woodside, D.D.S Woodside & Woodside D.D.S

"Mr. Whatley is on to something very inspirational. His book melds wonderful stories in video using high quality production values that rivet the readers' (viewers') attention. The written material is similarly interesting and will, more than many other techniques, spur the reader to avail themselves of the power of fitness to provide the only true Fountain of Youth. I have met Tony and he is on top of something very new and powerful."
- Steven Kussin M.D. FACP

“A strong product that would inspire many who might not take other less compelling cues to get active, get strong, get limber, get pounds off.” -Robert Kitchell, M.D. Seattle Medical Associates

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We aim to inspire the "why" and "how" for fitness behavior change with real-life testimonials and messages of successful models. Story-telling is a powerful behavior-change tool that we utilize to help inspire action.

After two+ years of researching and interviewing people across the country, we identified the stories to highlight in the book. Our goal is to provide inspiration and spark motivation for people 40+ to choose fitness and start living better today.

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