AMERICA The Story of Us Book 2: Creating The West

Kevin Baker

America has broken free from England and established itself as an independent nation. Newly minted citizens as well as European settlers, hungry for new opportunities, push west through the heartland, finding a geographic cornucopia seemingly rich with natural resources and abundant space. This enhanced e-book traces the momentous development of the American West as it intertwines with the complicated and tragic history of the Native American. Integrating compelling written narrative with short video clips from the acclaimed HISTORY® series, as well as exclusive production stills, full color maps and charts, and other historical images, this enhanced e-book brings the creation of the American West to life like never before.

A vast continent lies to the west of the Appalachian Mountains, waiting to be explored and exploited. The American Pioneer is born. For those who set out to confront these land – following trailblazers like Lewis and Clark, Daniel Boone, and mountain men like Jedediah Smith – the conquest of the West is a story of courage and hardship that forges the character of America.

Thomas Jefferson closes the deal of the century with the Louisiana Purchase and millions of Americans keep heading ever westward. Countless Native Americans are forced from their homes and massacred at Wounded Knee and along the Trail of Tears. Mexican general Santa Anna takes the Alamo, but loses a third of his Mexican territories in the war that followed a decade later. Despite the hardships of journey by wagon train, the allure of adventure, opportunity, and economic gain is too strong to stop the onslaught of pioneers. While some struggle to create new lives, others are rewarded with riches on a scale never before seen, as the world rushes in to mine California gold. This idea known as America now stretches from "sea to shining sea." Understanding the true origins of the American West is easy with this enhanced e-book from HISTORY®.

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