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    I was sitting in an executive’s office at a major publisher last week. We couldn’t access the wireless network — in fact, there didn’t seem to be a wireless network — so I grabbed a nearby Ethernet cord and plugged it into my Internet port and immediately the port started smoking and the room filled with the smell of burnt plastic. The fire turned out to be superficial, but the metaphor’s apt: Vook’s in the offices of publishers big and small and we are on fire!

    Here’s the proof that where there’s smoke, there’s Vook: Today we announced successful progress in our closed beta and the results of our Vook creation contest to the world. The story’s popping up on Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, and the Street.

    In 90 days in private beta, 500 users identified 200 bugs that Vook engineers furiously squashed and 31 feature recommendations that we implemented.

    The users were a diverse mix of content creators.

    • 31% Authors, Bloggers & other individual content owners
    • 20% Small Publishers
    • 18% Medium Publishers
    • 16% News-Related
    • 6% Television Networks and Video Companies
    • In three months, they produced 584 titles.

    “We used the Vook platform to quickly create Mark Cuban’s eBook How to Win at the Sport of Business in only a few hours,” said literary agent Scott Waxman, founder of Diversion Books, an early Vook partner. “With Vook, we can create eBooks with more control and great attention to quality.”

    Using Vook, “I launched my eBook, ‘Paris Pastry Guide.’ I sell it in ePub and mobi formats directly to the public and quickly sold 225 copies. I am very happy with Vook,” said Heather Stimmler-Hall.

    Vook delivers a multitude of enhanced features to give eBook creators a superior experience. Some of the top line features include:

    • File conversion - a thorny issue for publishers that Vook has worked hard to solve. The new platform converts files on the fly, while preserving a majority of style and text formatting.
    • Innovative styling tools that allow publishers to take the look of an eBook from average and ordinary to extraordinary.
    • Easy enhancements are core to Vook’s functionality. Vook is the leader in allowing users to easily add audio, videos and images to create enhanced eBooks.
    • Real time title rendering lets you see your eBook with the styling you’ve created and applied, and watch your adjustments take effect in front of you.
    • Distribution ready files produced for B&N, Amazon and the iBookstore along with many more etailers to come. Integrated epubcheck functionality makes sure files are bug-free.
    • Instant eBooks - You want to start writing a book? Well, start actually writing a book. Vook lets you begin creating your content in the final form it’s going to take as a digital book.

    Vook has signed on a series of powerful and influential partners to use its ePublishing platform including Franklin Covey and HayHouse. Sign up for the platform at Vook.com and we’ll contact you shortly.

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