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    A wingnut is someone who is on the far-right or far-left wing of the political spectrum—professional partisans, unhinged activists and paranoid conspiracy theorists.

    Campaigning as the antidote to polarized politics, Barack Obama promised to transcend the old divides of left and right, black and white, red states and blue states. But during his first year of office, he presided over an eruption of hate and hyper-partisanship that mocks the pledge upon which millions ushered him into office.

    From Revolutionary War-inspired "Tea Party" protests to the health-care town hall hijackings, principled policy opposition to government spending has taken a sharp right turn into Crazytown.

    As creator of CNN's hit segment, "Wingnuts of the Week," Daily Beast senior political columnist John Avlon has unique insight into how far-left and far-right political extremists came to dominate the country's political dialogue and, with this book, he shows the way back to a saner, smarter national conversation.